How a non-profit charity uses Memberstack to provide gated content to four different stakeholders!

"Carefree marries technology with community spirit to solve critical challenges. We bring the business and social sectors together to support the needs of unpaid carers" Joey talks us through how Carefree uses gated content to support it's four different stakeholders. Memberstack has allowed Carefree to handle everything in-house as well as saved them endless development hours and lots of money.

Gated content for four different stakeholders

"As a charity, we have four main stakeholder groups, which is quite difficult because each stakeholder group needs specific content. We need to target them in specific ways. So We needed to find a way to provide that restricted content to those stakeholders individually in an easy way.

As a charity the main thing we struggled with was the tech side of it. We are tech first charity, we act like a startup which is quite unusual for charities. We have restricted, limited resources. Engineers can be expensive. Maintaining custom solutions can be expensive. And so we were finding different ways to do things. And one route for us was the no-code way. Instead of building everything from scratch which would be expensive and difficult to maintain we were looking for something more. We wanted something that we could manage, set up, build in house and quite quickly.

That's exactly what Memberstack did for us. We created the four different types of memberships, connected it to Webflow and we were ready to go. So it was mainly providing that gated content specific to our different stakeholders in a productive way to drive people."

Plug and play"My favourite thing about using Memberstack would be it's ease of use. It really is plug and play. We knew about Memberstack quite early on so it just felt all new and exciting at the same time. So well designed and so supported, any questions that we had were answered straight away and were immediately sold. Literally in a day the problem was instantly solved."

Tech for good

"This is an example of tech for good. What we've done in the last year with the help of Memberstack has completely escalated everything that we do massively especially for charities because any win for us is a win for what we're working towards. Our only goal is to send these carers on a break and we get to that goal so much quicker because of Memberstack.

Now all our content is gated we can just add to it. It's so agile, it's so fast. It's so responsive. It, it allows us to do so much more in-house and it's saving us an enormous amount of cost. That's what a charity needs. It's great for commercial organisations but what Memberstack allowed us to do with a fraction of what would have been a high development cost has been insane. And for us, that's just amazing because we can send those carers on a break much faster. We love Memberstack."